How To Create The Perfect Dating Site Profile

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When you sign up for a dating site like SnapSext, you are always prompted to go and fill out your profile. Whether it be pretty basic or the most in depth online interview, creating the perfect dating site profile is crucial in not only getting dates, but getting dates that are a good match. When someone has a better idea of who you are through your profile, the better you will both probably get along. It’s important that you seem appealing too, so it’s ok to “fluff up” here and there. We’re going to be going over some dating site profile guidelines in order for you to create the perfect profile for others to mingle on. Let’s get started!

1. Always Use a Picture
Dating profiles with no pictures are pretty pointless. The first impression is everything, so make sure you get one of your best shots up there. Make sure the lighting is good and that you are looking at the camera (this will get more messages and responses!). This is going to be what you use for your profile picture. Of course, it is always useful to have some other pictures on hand, so don’t be afraid to put up some pics of you doing something you love. Pictures of yourself fishing, playing guitar, doing yoga, whatever will be good and give others a little insight on who you are.

2. Short, Sweet and to the Point
When it comes to the part where you’re supposed to write a little bit about yourself, it’s best to keep it straight forward. Don’t go into too much detail because that is what the dates are for. Give a general idea about the kind of person you are and the things you do. Mention your favorite hobbies and even what you do for a living.

3. Don’t Be Negative
Leave out anything negative and keep it clean. Doing things like talking about how much you hate a certain sports team or girls that wear too much make up. The best way to go about your profile is to talk about the things you like and even the kind of people you are looking for. Besides, it’s actually notorious for men to avoid women who talk about being sarcastic in their dating profiles. See what we’re talking about?

4. Check Spelling and Grammar
While this can be a bit picky, it really matters. It’s been proven that men who use proper grammar (or better than most) on their dating profiles end up getting more dates. Bad spelling and grammar gives off the vibe that you don’t really care or that you’re uneducated. Take the time to double check and correct a few things and you’ll be surprised at how successful your dating profile can be.

5. Be REAL!
The most important part is is that you be yourself! It’s pointless to lie about certain things online. Just follow the tips we gave you and you’ll do great, you’ll see. Stop feeling bad and start feeling confident about your online dating profile.