SnapSext Hookup and Not Getting Into a Relationship

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Hooking up with a girl can easily turn into a relationship if you don’t effectively set your boundaries. Some people aren’t ready to be committed just yet and they would prefer to keep it more casual instead. Whether you are fresh out of a relationship or relationships just aren’t your thing, getting into an unwanted relationship can cause a whole lot of stress. Whatever the reason is, keeping the relationship casual or leaving it at a SnapSext hookup is basically essential for your sanity. Lets take a look at some ways to keep it simple and yourself out of a relationship.

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Make it crystal clear

If you never let someone you hooked up with know that you aren’t interested in a serious relationship, they may keep on thinking otherwise. Hooking up is a very intimate act, so this can be taken in many different ways. Saying something as simple as, “I’m not looking for anything serious” is a great place to start. Don’t allow the person to guilt you, as this will set you up to meet certain expectations if you give in. Stand firm by your statement and there will be much less hurt and confusion in the long run.

Don’t get too personal

A casual hookup relationship should be easy-going and fun for both people. With no obligations to this person, getting romantic might seem harmless. This is definitely not the case. Introducing romance into a relationship only further complicates things. Before you know it, the other person’s romantic side will want you to be committed. Keep it friendly rather than lovey dovey. Romance will only complicate things between you both.

Another way to stay light on the romance is to keep the conversation light as well. Talk about common interests and nothing too personal. Focus on what you guys are doing in the moment and avoid making plants (especially long-term plans) with them. This will hold you up to certain expectations and commitment as well.

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Limit the time you spend together

Obviously, if you’re spending every day with someone, the casual relationship will start to get much more personal. Try to see this person only once a week to keep things fresh between you. Spending too much time together can make you or them emotionally dependent and crave romance. Besides, you both have your own lives to live, so don’t over-do it.

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Set boundaries

It’s best to establish solid boundaries with each other to keep it less complicated. By doing this, there will be less confusion for both parties. Things like not talking about other partners should be decided. Maybe you both don’t care and it’s fine to share your stories. If it is preferred by one to not talk about it, then it should be a topic left alone so no hard feelings are created. Creating certain boundaries can be a life saver in keeping a relationship casual rather than romantic.

Keeping a relationship casual after hooking up with someone can be tough. It’s best to stand your ground and not allow anyone to wear you down to commitment. If this is the case and you find yourself being guilt tripped, simply forget about that person and move on.