How To Take Sexy SnapSext Guy Selfies

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Taking a sexy selfie as a girl is way different than taking a sexy selfie as a guy. Sexting has become a cultural norm of some sort, so it’s no surprise that you would want to do it too. But what if the girl you are sexting ( blog post for Top 10 Best Pick Up Lines) and receiving nudes from wants a little bit of you? You don’t even have to be naked, she just wants a sexy visual to look at. You would feel bad if you didn’t return the favor, right? You no longer have to feel bad or anxious about your pictures not being good enough because we’re going to go over some simple ways to take sexy guy selfies. Whether its for this sexy new chick you’re chatting with or for your long-distance lover, these tips will be what takes your selfie from ok to sexy!

How to Take Sexy Guy Selfies

Don’t be predictable
While it might seem logical to just take a straight up naked picture in the mirror or something, you’ll want to be a bit more mysterious. Go for the selfie look in boxers or shirtless instead. Show off your body and make a suspicious face. Try different angles out, you would be surprised at what flatters your body better.

Girls have been known to love pictures of guys teasing them. You can easily do this by showing off a bulge through your pants, showing off your muscles, with your hand IN your pants, or even just a face selfie. If you’re going with the face selfie, smiling will drive a girl crazy. A sensual smile gives off an intimate message that makes girls get pretty excited.

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This could seem a little bit weird to you at first, but do a Google search on male models and imitate the poses they do. Girls have a different taste when it comes to sexuality and it’s usually less vulgar and more sensual. You can get some sexy looking pictures by copying some creative poses and whoever you send the picture to will appreciate your effort and good looks.

Some sexy selfies you could take as a guy is to “document” yourself getting undressed. First take a picture fully clothed. Then with your shirt off, then with your pants off and so on. Go all the way until you would like, fully naked if you so please, and there you go! You have a sexy selfie series that girls will totally love.

Just have FUN
Taking a selfie shouldn’t be a chore of some sorts. Always try to have a genuinely good time and show it as well. Don’t give up just because you thought you looked a little bit weird in a picture. In fact, you could be totally wrong. Take a bunch of selfies and go through them an hour later. You’ll be surprised at the pictures you will end up liking that you might have not liked at first. Don’t be afraid to ask other women for their opinion too. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you can’t take sexy selfies…obviously you can!