Signs of SnapSext Girls Flirting With You

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Girls have a different way of flirting than guys do, which can make it a bit hard to decipher at first. Not noticing the signs of flirting from a girl who you find attractive is missing out on an opportunity for yourself. There’s nothing like some natural attraction, right? Don’t ever let yourself miss out in it again. Let’s get comfortable with some of the different ways girls show their attraction towards you.

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She gets close to you

When a woman isn’t completely comfortable someone, she will usually keep her distance. Moving closer to you and/or leaning in closely shows her interest and availability to you. When you guys are hanging out, remember to think if she seems closer than she was just a little bit ago. If she is, this is usually a reliable indicator of flirting.

She is relaxed, yet excited

If she is relaxed, she’ll have an easier time expressing excitement. This is the same deal for men as well. Being relaxed will make someone breathe more “openly” rather than taking shallow breaths. Signs of relaxed breathing combined with other body language (such as smiling and blushing) is her way of letting you know she’s happy in your presence.

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Making strong eye contact with you

Eye contact with another person can be strangely intimate. Don’t ignore this important sign of flirting because it’s also one of the most commonly used methods. Even eye contact for as long as 2-3 seconds at a time most likely means she’s interested in more of you. If she smiles too, you can be even more sure. A look in the eyes can tell you a lot if you happen to notice it.

Touching and feeling

A woman will only touch you if she feels very comfortable around you. While not all touches are equal, some of the more flirtatious and intimate ways of feeling you are when she touches your leg, arm or hand. By being relaxed around you, it will feel more natural to flirt with you more physically. A great example of this is she might playfully push you (sometimes hard!) and laugh when you tease her about something.

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She talks a lot

Some women flirt in more subtle ways such as talking a lot. Listen to what she is saying and the way she talks to you. If her talking is fairly fluid and effortless, it’s a sign she’s engaged and interested in the conversation you guys are having. If she doesn’t have too much to say however, she is more likely to not be that interested.

Those are the most common signs that a woman will show her interest towards you. Flirting is something that we naturally do as humans to connect and become intimate with a person. Not all flirting is the same though. Another woman may be naturally more flirty than others. Take note of how she acts with other guys. If there is a distinct difference in the way she acts towards you when compared to others (touching you more, laughing at your jokes, etc.) then she is definitely into you! If you get pass the flirting stage, take her on a first date!