Top 10 Best SnapSext Pick Up Lines

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When you think of pick up lines to use on women, you’re probably thinking that none of them would actually work. While this is true when it comes to the super cheesy and over-done, “we’ve heard it a million times” pick up lines, there are actually a few you could use that actually WORK. Now keep in mind, not every pick up line we go over is going to work on every woman. If you have a particularly hard time with words, this will definitely be useful for you. We’re going to share with you the top 10 best pick up lines so you can score ladies and feel good about yourself!

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“Do you find this place ___?”

Using your location to relate is a great way to start some conversation. By asking her this question, she’ll have to answer you if she wants to be polite. Ask her if she thinks the place you guys are at is cool or enjoyable. See what she says and go from there.

“Want to dance?”

It might seem a little “out there” but it will definitely give off the impression that you’re very confident (which women LOVE in a man). Get her comfortable with you and have some fun on the dance floor together. This is an easy way to turn something small into a bond of some sorts.

“Are you here often? I could use your help…”

If you’re at the bar or a restaurant and are having a hard time choosing something, this could be a sneaky one to pull out. Asking a woman for help has a certain charm that makes her feel special.

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“Is this seat taken?”

Of course a woman who has an empty seat by her isn’t always alone. She’ll find it very polite that you asked and it also indirectly invites you to give her company. This line is great because of it’s innocence and courtesy.

“Want a glass of ____? It’s on me.”

Depending on where you are, the drink will change. Whether it’s a beer or a margarita, offering a lady a free drink has been a timeless way to win women over in the short run.

“Excuse me, can you help me with ____?”

Asking her for a little help with something small can help create an interest. Letting her know you are interested in what she has to say or do will make her feel noticed.

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“You look like you could use some interesting conversation.”

Make sure to use the right tone and don’t sound sarcastic. If done right, she will take this as a compliment to her intelligence. It’s a great way to break some ice and figure out a topic to talk about.

“Would you like me to escort you to ____?”

Offering her some help or simple company is a genuine and polite gesture. This gives a sense of “security” which may help her build trust in you.

“I really like what you are wearing.”

Women usually spend a lot of time on their appearance. To hear someone acknowledge their looks makes them feel confident and good about themselves. This will surely bring some warmth to you and she’ll most likely say more than just, “Thanks.”

“I though I would let you know that you have a really nice ___.”

Being complimented makes a woman feel absolutely special. Let her know about something you think is nice about her such as her smile, her nose, hair, whatever you find nice about her. Be realistic, honest and respectful. Of course telling her she has a nice ass right away isn’t the best choice.