Why You Should Pick Up Girls Sober

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If picking up girls all too often involves the strong smell of alcohol on your breath, then you should definitely be thinking about why you should pick up girls sober. Think about what you are really getting out of drinking before trying to pick up a girl:

  • Gives you a boost of confidence making you less shy
  • Drinks can be had with and bought for other women
  • Talking becomes less hesitant

  • Cons
  • Drinks cost money
  • You can get too drunk and embarrass yourself
  • The possibility of a nasty hangover the next day

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    Of course you won’t really experience the negatives of drinking if you do it in moderation. Those of you who like to drink heavily though are more risk for certain things like throwing up and blacking out - which will only ruin your chances with any woman.

    Staying sober has it’s own benefits, no doubt. Let’s see what staying sober has to offer:

  • Better self control and clearer train of thought
  • You’ll have a better handle on what is going on exactly (including how she feels!)
  • No chance of getting sick or making of fool of yourself
  • You can drive anywhere with her after if you’re successful

  • Cons
  • Might be harder if you have anxiety or are a bit awkward
  • You aren’t drinking

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    The thing about drinking is that the feeling you get from it is only temporary. You feel good and everything, but unless you are constantly taking in alcohol, then you’re inevitably going to start feeling not drunk. This itself kind of kills your mood rather than if you were just having a good time sober to begin with. Your mind state becomes reliant (to a certain extent) on the alcohol once you start drinking. This is why picking up girls sober is better.

    Another reason being sober is preferable to drinking while picking up a girl is that you get to have “more control” over the night. When people have drinks, they usually just go with the flow and let things happen. Being sober gives you more control over your actions so you can make the right moves. It’s not just that though. Going in sober rather than drunk comes off as pretty confident, since most people drink to “let loose”. By picking up girls sober, they will take you more seriously and you’ll feel like the man. Seriously though, wouldn’t it be nice to know it was all you and not the alcohol talking?

    Using drinking as a way to help you get girls could be the very thing that’s messing up your game in the first place. Being reliant on any substances to get certain things done is usually never good. Try picking up girls sober on SnapSext a few times before giving up on it. You aren’t going to master your craft over night anyways. Plus, choosing sobriety over getting drunk is always the better choice for your health and for your mind state. Go to the bar or club this weekend and try it out for yourself!